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Buah Nabar Conservation

Lost World & Hidden Valley Welcome to the World of Buah Nabar About Us

Buah Nabar Conservation

Lost World & Hidden Valley Welcome to the World of Buah Nabar About Us

Buah Nabar Conservation

Lost World & Hidden Valley Welcome to the World of Buah Nabar About Us

About Buah Nabar Conservation

Buah Nabar Conservation is an area located in the district of Deli Serdang, Sibolangit, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The name of Buah Nabar comes from the term for carrion flowers of Amorphophallus titanum (Becc.), which is often found at the location of Buah Nabar Conservation. In Indonesian, "buah" means fruit, so "buah Nabar" means the Nabar Fruit. The Nabar fruit is used for medication of uterine bleeding.

Buah Nabar Conservation's region is inhabited by a variety of forest crops such as mahogany, teak, jabon, aloes, flowers, grass, fish, algae and fungi.

History of Buah Nabar Conservation

In 1960, Buah Nabar region was inhabited and subjected to illegal logging and retrieval of medicinal plants. In early 1999, Dr. Supeno Surija, the founder of Buah Nabar Conservation, then purchased the area from local residents and made Buah Nabar area as a conservation area. The only way to protect critical area from forest vandalism and destruction is by owning such lands. Currently, the vandalism in Buah Nabar region has been substantially reduced, and it had been affirmed in 2008 that this effort was successful. The goal of Buah Nabar Conservation is to promote forest protection, afforestation and encourage local communities to preserve nature.


These are what we are doing:

Pioneer of Zero Burning

As the pioneer of zero burning, Dr. Supeno Surija, PhD. stated that land burning is extremely dangerous to public health and destructive to the world's air.

Zero Burning

Zero Burning is a step and system that can be applied by digging and planting branches and roots of timber in certain areas. The area is the edge or trenching of a block planting area. Before being stockpiled, branches and roots are sprinkled with brimstone and salt sufficiently.

Water Catchment Area

Watersheds are created by grass, trees, and biopore. Lands that are provided for the water infiltration are created using biopore technique or the ability of trees.

Air Monitoring

Air monitoring is essential because BNC is a large site and has mountainous landscape with an altitude between 400 - 650 m above sea level.

Natural Disasters Prevention

Destruction of forests, rivers, and illegal logging are sources of floods, landslides, and climate changes. The disasters strike different regions and cause many casualties in Indonesia.


To purchase lands and return the lands into their natural conditions, BNC requires substantial funds. Source of this funding is only from the Founder. BNC currently expects funds to purchase more lands for conservation.


Here are some species residing in Buah Nabar Conservation:



Rare Species


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